Meriden Farmers Market

Date: Saturday, July 18, 2020 8:30 am - 12:00 pm

COVID-19 Guidelines:

  • Face coverings are strongly encouraged when coming to the market.
  • Please maintain a safe distance of at least six feet between yourself and other individuals.
  • Please follow the directions of Farmers Market staff regarding positions in lines, locations to wait in, etc.
  • We encourage families to limit the number of people coming to the market to the primary buyer only, if possible.
  • Please do not come if you are feeling sick; have someone else come to the market for you.

Address: Meriden Green, Mill St., Meriden, CT, 06405

Phone: 860-841-0888


Description:The Market offers farm-fresh produce. Ripe produce is harvested and then sold at the Market that day, providing an exceptional garden-fresh taste. Shoppers will find a variety of fruits and vegetables grown for flavor and have the opportunity to meet the farmers.

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