Neville Wisdom’s Fashion Design Studio

City: New Haven

Neville Wisdom is the Head Designer and Owner of the Neville Wisdom clothing label based in New Haven, Connecticut. Neville began designing and creating clothing at the age of fifteen, and learned many aspects of the trade from watching a local tailor in his small rural town in Jamaica. Neville is mostly self taught, having picked up his love for creating clothing from a combination of necessity and originality––straying from the norm even as a child.
Neville has been designing clothing for both men and women for over twenty-five years. He opened his first retail storefront in New Haven in 2007. His location on Broadway makes Neville’s dream of combining his retail storefront with manufacturing on one floor in a downtown location a reality. He designs custom clothing for a local and loyal following of women and men. Additionally, Neville offers custom design services, tailoring/alteration services, classes, and a design incubator, where those interested in a career in fashion can work alongside him and receive one-on-one advice. The Neville Wisdom Studio focuses on manufacturing clothing of integrity, quality, longevity––all Made in USA.
Neville is a man of the community. He mentors aspiring designers, teaches children at numerous schools and classrooms, hosts on-site field trips, and curates charity fashion shows. He is a man who would give you the shirt off his back, and chances are he probably made it.


27 Broadway, New Haven, CT 06511, USA