West Haven

Welcome to West Haven, Connecticut’s youngest city! Whether you are coming here to live, work or play, West Haven has something for everyone. Discover the beauty of our shoreline, the culinary delights of our restaurants, and the charm of our downtown. www.cityofwesthaven.com 

Settlement of the area of New Haven known as "West Farms" began about 1648. The separate parish that was organized In 1715 Included the areas now called Orange and West Haven. In 1882 they became the town of Orange. The borough of West Haven was created In 1873.Not until 1921was the town of West Haven Incorporated and in 1961 made a city.

One of the British raids during the Revolutionary War was directed against New Haven In July 1779. British ships anchored off West Haven; soldiers came ashore, destroying property and fighting their way to New Haven. www.cityofwesthaven.com